About Me

I was born and brought up on a farm in West Berkshire and this has given me a love of nature and the english landscape which I hope I convey in my stylised, whimsical paintings.


I have always been creative and it was inevitable that I would chose a career based around art so I trained as a graphic designer which was an easier option to earn a living from, at that time, than a fine artist. I worked in Graphics for around 14 years and this has definitely influenced my use of colour and composition.


After taking time out to have my two children, I initially created home-made greetings cards but as this bought in only a small income, I started to work on developing my painting style. To begin with all my paintings were in mixed media and I used everything from paint and paper to stitching and beads to create highly textured and ornate pieces. I have now worked as a full time artist for around six years and have been exploring my style with mainly acrylics. I use a specific brand of paint called Jo Sonja by Chroma which is a decorative paint system designed for use on a variety of surfaces including wood and glass but also works extremely well on paper and canvas. It comes in a beautiful range of colours and helps to give my work it's distinctive colour pallette. I love to work from my imagination and like to let my paintings evolve. I use a variety of mark making equipment to add form and texture to my landscapes.


My main inspiration comes from the ever changing seasons of the english landscape with my favourite season being winter as I love to see the structure and detail of trees and hedgerows. My winter scenes are very popular with many selling before they are even finished.


I have been selling my work, mainly online for over 7 years and have many of my images licensed for greetings cards, prints and more recently cross stitch kits. I never initially thought about licensing but it is a direction that found me and it's lovely to see my work as cards and other products and who knows where it will lead!